PBALC Board of Directors

Howard Marks


Natalie Elaine Stefaniak

Vice President

Elizabeth Newman


Jonathan Conners


Roland Holder

Member at Large

Baily Howard Leonard

Member at Large

Georgi G. Garza

Member at Large

Lindsey Tooman

Member at Large

Christi Ramos

Member at Large

Jessica Waller

Member at Large

Apply to Join the Board

Who are we?

Permian Basin Adult Literacy Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to adult Literacy. We are currently looking for local professionals to serve on our Board of Directors. Our goal is to end 2019 with 20 board members! Applicants must be willing to help us grow our mission: developing the literacy skills of adults so they can achieve their goals, improve their lives, and impact our community.

4 Reasons to Join the PBALC Board

  • LEADERSHIP Philanthropy is a Greek term which directly translated means "love of mankind". It is an idea, event, or action that is done to better humanity. PBAL needs board members who have a passion for this kind of leadership. Becoming a philanthropic leader is a great way to grow your skills while helping to make a difference in the community.

  • PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Charity boosts not only others' ability to go further in life, but it can also increase your own motivation. Since giving is a very fulfilling act, people who are driven to donate their time, money, or resources often have more to give overall. When you share your areas of expertise, you often grow your own skills in return.

  • PASSION FOR THE MISSION For many people, philanthropy is a direct reflection of their own inner values, and it is a deeply fulfilling exercise to give to a cause that they are passionate about. Those individuals who advocate for their cause often gravitate to others who share their values. Joining like- minded leaders results in more effective collaborations to create a better community for all.

  • SERVICE Service is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community, to your school, or even to your old neighborhood. It is also a sign that you have not forgotten where you came from and are grateful to your past. You can help create a brighter future for the next generation advocating for adults who are working towards by improving their lives and the lives of those around them through literacy.

What is required?


    • Get involved with 3-year term lengths, with the option of 2 consecutive terms of service.
    • Build connections and develop the organization at monthly board meetings.
    • Join the staff in volunteering at annual fundraising events.
    • Make a difference in the lives of adults, and help change our community for the better.

    • Help us build relationships within the community — connect with like-minded people who are looking to impact the community!
    • Network with your contacts and via social media to build organizational and issue awareness.
    • Demonstrate your commitment to the organization through annual giving.
  • LEAD

    • Contribute your ideas and expertise to accomplishing common goals.
    • Learn and grow your skill set with board member training.
    • Give back to the community and network with fellow leaders to impact our future.
    • Become an advocate for improving adult literacy in our area.

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